So being new to WordPress, I wanted to begin with a simple yet effective post. Something that even if not all, most of my audience could connect with. As I was perusing the different ideas that were running through my head, I struck gold. What better to write about than a typical survivalist guide for an engineering student. Life at Amrita can be fun but there are certain instances when everything becomes a little too chaotic and complicated to handle. Having successfully worked my way through almost three years at Amrita, I’d like to think I’m entitled to write this post. Having in mind that each of us are different, I’ve filtered my thoughts down to these few life hacks one simply must know.


As we all know, Amrita is known for its diversity and colour. It is a blend of Keralites, Tamilians and Andhraites with a sprinkling of north Indians. Each and every student is singular, with his/ her difference in opinion and understanding. In such a place as this, it is essential you keep an open mind and do not let your insecurities inhibit you. You never really know who you may find a good friend in. More often than not, I find that every new person I meet has at least one thing in common with me. It is easier to build a good relationship once I figure out what that is.  So don’t confine yourself to the people whom you already know. Smile often, wave when you see someone you know, strike up a conversation, meet mutual friends and hang out in groups. A good social life goes a long way in easing an otherwise tiring life.



Though a few of us would be the tiniest bit reluctant to accept it, the truth remains that Amrita sports a beautiful campus. It was definitely one of the main reasons your parents fell in love with the University. And admit it, you’re a little bit in love with it yourself. Although right now it seems as if the sun is taking its long-lost revenge on Ettimadai, the weather at all other times is predictably pleasant. What more, resting at the foothills of the Western Ghats, the campus dressed in its early monsoon showers is a breath-taking sight. It makes a seamless setting for a peaceful jog in the morning or a lazy stroll in the evening. You can quickly swallow up a few of those chapters that you found uninteresting in a quiet spot under the canopy of trees. And If you are keen enough, you can certainly find the numerous romantic corners in the campus to spend time with your special someone.



Being that the university follows a continuous evaluation system, on any given day we are undoubtedly filled with assignments, tutorials and such. Whether or not you actually like the course that you are pursuing, life becomes easier once you accept it. Compartmentalizing your day, allowing substantial time for studies and coursework doesn’t just help you in the long run but also leaves you with more free time than what you may need. Listening and taking regular notes in class surely helps. That way the subject wouldn’t seem alien to you when you begin prepping for your semester exams and the result would be much better than what you end up with by just cramming in the eleventh hour (writing from personal experience). Though most of us including myself do not follow it, using a planner (the ones in your smartphones would more than suffice) helps you keep updated and doesn’t let you forget anything important.


So that’s enough preaching for one day. Moving on.


You may have many complaints about tuning yourself to life at hostel, but ultimately it comes down to this- you get more freedom than what you are accustomed to at home. For most of us, that is one definite advantage. Everything else can be overlooked. And the free Wi-Fi doesn’t hurt either

At school there’s this typical gang of best friends that you are always seen with. But the difference is that you don’t have to put up with them at home too, you don’t share a room with them and you most definitely do not see them walking around half-naked. When you see a person round the clock, you realize they aren’t as perfect as they seem to be. Trust me, girls’ hostel rooms have seen a lot more drama than anywhere else with the sole exception of Tamil TV Serials. The best you can do is not involve yourself too much into other people’s lives. Be helpful, friendly but know when to extricate yourself from a situation that you know isn’t for you.

Also by now, you must have grown accustomed to the mess food, but Tuesday night dinners are a definite NO. So it’s either cooking Maggi with your friends in the room (make sure to lock it up because you never know when the warden could confiscate your kettle) or waiting in a long queue for the utterly delicious ghee roast in the canteen.


In a university as busy as amrita, you get a large platform to exhibit your existing talents and more than enough chances to nurture your nascent ones. With annual technical and cultural fests, you can keep your time in amrita alive and interesting. There are also a lot of sports and athletics you can participate in. Trust me, representing your college at a higher level, even if you don’t win is surprisingly satiating. It isn’t necessary that you must always partake. Being an audience to all the different forms of dances, that one beautiful voice that makes the hair on your skin stand and all the characters that come alive is just as much fun, if not more. What I’m trying to say is with all the time that is in your hands, keep yourself occupied. Don’t let yourself get bored.


 Okay! Having done with all the major ones, there are a few minor yet significant ones you cannot forget-

  • Carry your headset with you, because you never know when you may get bored or frustrated.
  • When you decide to use your phone under the desk, don’t look straight into the screen, give it an angle. (valuable advice from a friend of mine who’s an expert at gaming under his desk).
  • Always keep your room, and occasionally your college bag stocked with food.
  • Go swimming once in a while (yes, there’s a beautiful pool just behind the library.)
  • There are many spots besides Brookefields and funmall (Isha Yoga centre, Malampuzha dam, Kovai kuttralam and much more) where you can spend your weekend. So grab your day-scholar friends and take that long drive.
  • Ladies, there are a lot of cute guys around. Be careful!
  • Oh and don’t forget your junction box.
  • Finally, use up all the extra holidays, book your tickets and enjoy an occasional
  • trip home.

Those of you who have had the patience to reach the end of my post, you have my gratitude. Until my next one, ciao!



  1. Aquafina water says:

    Take a bow!! Amazingly articulated!! A must read for all newbies and nostalgia for the old guys.

    One problem with this blog though : it doesn’t have enough posts up.

    Eagerly awaiting more. 🙂

    -Aquafina water


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